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Our Treatment Procedure

Chapman Mills Dental we are highly trained to provide a high quality of service. Not only do we understand the oral tethered tissue, but we understand breastfeeding.

Our appointments are three fold: Most of our patients are referred to us by a lactation consultant, dentist or physician. Our referral form is available on this site.

The first step of treatment consists of an examination of your child and consultation with Dr. Fayad. Secondly, if diagnosed, the frenulum will be revised and treated using a laser. Laser is superior to other modalities, as it reduces bleeding and promotes faster healing. This treatment can be performed at the time a positive diagnosis is made, or can be scheduled at a later date. Immediately following the procedure, breastfeeding is recommended. Using our facilities for breasfteeding immediately after the procedure is available for as long as needed.

Finally, a short 10 minute post-operative appointment usually scheduled 3 weeks later to confirm that healing is going well. For those patients that are from out of town and find it inconvenient to return for the follow-up visit, good quality photos can be sent to where Dr. Fayad will review them and make comments or suggestions toward ongoing care.

It is also imperative that all patients having treatment seek the aid of a certified lactation consultant for ongoing supportive care two days post-revision at the earliest.

When performing the procedure on children or adults, the area of the frenum may be numbed with a local anaesthetic, depending on the age of the patient. The soft tissue is then released using a soft tissue laser. Stitches are not usually required. The area may treated with vitamin and covered with a cotton roll to control any bleeding that may occur, and this is often minimal. The procedure only takes a few minutes once the area is adequately numbed.

When using the laser, post-operative discomfort is minimal and often requires no pain medication in most cases. If you or your child experiences discomfort, you can use children’s Motrin or a similar product. It would be best to avoid sharp crunchy foods and hot liquids initially during this healing time. Please refrain from pulling up on the lip as this may cause further tearing and bleeding, as well as delay healing.

Rinsing the area with one-half teaspoon of salt dissolved in warm water will reduce healing time. Initial healing occurs rapidly in 3-5 days.
Limit activities which could result in the area being traumatized.
Children can return to school the day after the treatment is completed.
If any unusual bleeding or pain occurs please call the office as soon as possible, or if you have any questions that may have not already been addressed.