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Patient testimonials

Leah Miller
October 13, 2016
Just wanted to send a sincere thank you for taking such good care of my little miss Molly Grace. After having four ties released, we flew back to St. John’s the next morning.

Her four sites look good. Stretches are going well, and she’s feeding just fine.

Thanks again to Dr. Fayad and staff who took care of her… we really really appreciate it. You made a terribly stressful day much better!


Sherry Gould
· April 14, 2016
Dr. Fayad I am beyond thankful to you for saving my breastfeeding relationship with my son!

After 11 weeks of very painful nursing, and countless trips to other healthcare professionals desperately seeking help, a recommendation from one of your previous clients/friend led me to you for help. After sending an email to you explaining my situation, you responded so quickly, offered your advice/expertise via email and advised me to call your office and chat with Roxanne, who btw is fabulous! You confirmed my son had a posterior tongue tie and this was likely the cause of all of our problems. Since I live in Newfoundland, making the trip to Ottawa alone I knew would be quite stressful for me. My husband being the incredibly supportive person he is, made the trip to Ottawa to visit your clinic with our son while I stayed in NL with our 2 year old daughter. I have to add that he was quite impressed by the treatment he received upon arrival. There was a cancellation so he was able to get in earlier than expected, staff were wonderful and so accommodating and your expertise was reassuring that we were doing what was best for our little boy. As expected, the first night post procedure was a little rough especially having to travel back to NL. I thought it was so considerate of your staff to call the next day after the procedure to check on my son and to ensure that all was well after the long flight home. Roxanne you rock!

Well it has now been 3 weeks post revision and I’m happy all the stretching exercises are over! Haha! Most of all I am thrilled to report that my son is doing so well! I will be sending his follow up pictures to you today actually! I cannot thank you enough for your help! You truly are the reason I am able to continue my breastfeeding journey with my son.

I will be recommending you to all my mommy friends, my PHN to help other struggling moms and in the NL breastfeeding support group.



Let’s talk Tongue & Lip Ties!!!
When my twins were born this past May it was late at night and they were instantly whisked away to the NICU and I wasn’t able to breastfeed them right away. By the next morning I was anxious to get down there to get them to latch but was disappointed to find one on a feeding tube and her sucking reflex not very strong. My twin B latched right away and sucked on an off for 20 minutes so the nurses were very impressed. I figured by the time we left we would be exclusively breastfeeding but instead had to accept the fact that they were too small and I would be pumping for awhile. Fast forward 3 months later and I couldn’t figure out why they were making a loud clicking noise while nursing and then screaming for an hour after feeds. I resorted to strictly pumping and bottle feeding until that one “light bulb turns on” moment. One of my twin friends mentioned something about her niece or nephew being lip tied and it just came to me. I anxiously but carefully lifted the lip of my twin A and there it was. LIP TIE!! UGH! I was surprisingly filled with joy because to me I had finally figured out the issue. I thought all this time it was because they were just small but this made everything seem possible. I took some photos, sent them to a lactation consultant in the US, who is a friend of mine and she immediately confirmed my diagnosis. I was told by another friend to contact Dr. Fayad at Chapman Mills Dental and we quickly found out we needed a referral. We quickly made a visit to my family doctor and within a few weeks we had our referral and were booked for August 6th. When we arrived to Dr. Fayad’s office we were nervous because we knew that our girls were about to be put through some pain. Dr. Fayad and his team were exceptional and very informative. Our assumptions were right, both girls were lip tied but also, they were tongue tied! We decided to go forward with the release and we left the girls in their care. Minutes later we had both girls in our arms and were being educated on the exercises we would be doing for the next 3 weeks, EVERY 3 hours. Day 1 was brutal. I felt sick to my stomach each time we did it because the girls cried so much that they held their breath. Day 2 was amazing, the girls cried still but they were attempting to breastfeed and we celebrated our first day of no gassy screaming fits after nursing. Now fast forward a week and a half and I am at Day 11 of 21 and we spent all day out and about nursing exclusively. The girls still cry occasionally while doing stretches but they settle very quickly. We have been bottle feeding the girls at their 9 p.m., 12 a.m., 7 a.m. and 10 a.m feedings but today we have nursed ALL DAY!! Very little clicking, no screaming and two happy babies who either fall asleep in bliss or smiley and coo happily while finishing their feeds. It truly is like night and day and I am so thankful for our success. Almost 4 months of pumping every 3 hours and trying to balance my day and 4 children in between feeds and pumping sessions. Our nursing sessions are quick, painless and pleasant. I am ready to move on with my breastfeeding relationship and I have so many people to thank but I’ll save that for a separate post. I just want you all to know that you should make others aware of these tricky hiccups that they could come across. So many people looked at me like I was crazy when I said “Lip tie.” Educate, Talk about it, and Share this post so we can help others experience the breastfeeding relationship that I now share with my girls.
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